Blue Hand tied Clip


Material : velvet

type: hand tied style

7cm alligator clip

suitable for all kind of dress (mostly for Kids)

Known the History of Bow Clips

The hair bow was originally gender-specific to adult males in Europe throughout the 1700s when men adorned their hair with bows to show they were prosperous and extravagant. Women also wore extravagant hairstyles, but these did not often feature hair bows; rather large ornaments and jewels were preferred.

The hairbow history goes back to the Roman, Greek and Egyptian times where men, who recognized the fabulousness hair bows, would design bows using bones. However, hair bows witnessed a major rise in their popularity during the 17th and 18th centuries.
Agape Creations made every bow clip with more passionately. especially every think is handcrafted.
Hand tied Bow Clip is made of velvet material with best quality with 7cm alligator clip, which is more comfortable to wear.


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