Bridal Gift Kit Combo



Bridal Gift Kit Combo : contains – all handmade by Agape Creations

  1. Luxury Satin pillow case
  2. Eye Roller
  3. Sleeping mask
  4. Luxury Satin Scrunchies
  5. Satin Hair Bonnet
  6. Satin Scrunchies
  7. Wooden Comb (neem wood)

Luxurious Sleep Mask from Agape Creations: –

  • Specially handcrafted/ handmade for Bridal Care.
  • Absolute Blackout to sleep well.
  • Protect your skin from frictions (satin sleep mask).
  • Breathable material.
  • Minimise Distraction from mobile/lights.

Idea to Gift Bride a Satin Luxurious sleep mask for better sleep and beautiful glowing skin.

Almond Extracted Eye Rollers

  • Stamp it smile trust organisation handmade eye roller
  • Cold press handmade techniques
  •  Best for Under eye circle
  • pertains good Sleep
  • Certified from govt


  • Wide Teeth Wooden comb from Agape Creations: –
  • Gives a massaging effect.
  • Get rid of static
  • Distributes natural oils and adds shine
  • Stimulates hair growth
  • May helps with dandruff
  • Kinder on scalp and hair

Idea to Gift Bride a Wide teeth wooden comb for Beautiful hair to the Big Day

  • Luxurious Pillow Case/ Cover from Agape Creations: –

Luxurious Satin pillow case is silky soft and easy to wash from Agape Creations. Silk pillow case comes in optimum size that can be used for Medium pillows. Stitching is taken utmost care so that the threads won’t come after several months of usage. It is made from high quality fabric to ensure that color does not fade off after several usages. The closure of the satin pillow case is of sufficient size so that pillow does not slide out.

FACIAL BEAUTY MYSTERY : Satin pillow cases for skin provide a perfect slip and smooth texture to protect your skin against the facial sleep lines that could become deep wrinkles – Silk pillow cover maintains your skin soft and moisturized to beautify your face Sleeping on a satin pillow case can reduce friction to protect your eyelashes from creasing and stay healthier. Silk pillow case is used worldwide for skin and hair benefits.


Idea to Gift Bride a Luxurious Pillow Case for Beautiful Sleep and hair to the Big Day

  • Satin Scrunchies from Agape Creations: –

It keeps your hair healthy and strong. Satin hair tie for women Prevent breakage, frizz, ponytail bumps and split ends. Satin hair band gives lustrous look. Satin hair Scrunchies for women is great for thick or thin hair. Silk scrunchies for hair. Scrunchies Satin is great quality and will work for your hair day in and day out.


Idea to Gift Bride a Satin Scrunchies for Beautiful hair to the Big Day



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